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Precision parts made with care

Produced by our company, precision parts is one of the areas of our business as a company which is a subcontractor for larger companies. Our customers and business partners are companies that work within the mining industry, rail and sea industry. For each of these industries precision parts play the main role. They impact not only on the smooth operation and functioning of each of the production units in companies. Very often they decide even about the safety of the workers who use this machines, who use them in carrying out their daily activities and tasks. It is important that these parts should be made up while maintaining high quality. So we are trying to work on. Our parts are of high quality and workmanship. That is why we can guarantee about its safety. Of course, such a large application and carefully reflected on the volume of production. However, much more we want to maintain the quality rather than volume production. Hence, just dedicated to collaboration and production based only on specific orders not an overstatement.

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